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Learn the three realms in which color is translated, what they mean, and how to use them to connect with your target market. 




The term "graphic design" happens to be one that is used in sentences as either a noun, to describe a respected profession requiring a valued skill set + technological training; or an adjective describing something fun to do that doesn't require much training, it shouldn't take that long, and every single person possesses (at least to some degree) the capability of doing it on their own. You can probably figure out where I'm headed with this, eh?


Not that there's anything wrong with either approach. I, too, love to jump in and get my hands dirty in other areas that I have absolutely no professional training. 

I now know, that when a person comes to me after spending a sufficient amount of time working on their own free website that they're doing so with a brand new appreciation for the work that ALL graphic designers do. I think the end result is a Win Win for everybody. Yay!

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